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Steer Clear

How can I get into the house without a key
You told me you'd be here but you lied
What you are doing is perfectly clear
Take what you wanna take
I'll steer clear

You lie

How can I run away if you hold the ropes
Hold on to aspiration
Hold on to hope
What you are doing is perfectly clear
Keep what you wanna keep
I'll steer clear

Frustrated disappointed marriage on the ropes
Telling lies making eyes
You don't have the ghost
What you are doing is perfectly clear
Lie when you wanna lie
I'll steer clear

Making plans to meet your friends down by the bay
Muttered words half-heard what did you say
Who you are meeting is perfectly clear
Do what you wanna do
I'll steer clear


© Genevieve Maynard / Mushroom Music


genevieve maynard
vocals, guitars, programming

brian cachia
electric guitar

mary-anne cornford

cindy ryan
lead vocal production


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