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Mackerel Sky

Hey girlfriend girlfriend what do I know
That you don't, tell me slow
Tell me twice tell me true,
Or lead me along I can follow you
Hey girlfriend girlfriend what do I see
That you don't ever want to talk to me
You know it's not so good to have secrets -
Yes - we all need a little time to confess

You and I we drift on by
Like clouds stretched out in a mackerel sky

Come on come on you can talk so strong
To the men at your feet but you won't talk to me
Yes it's true I'm concerned but I've seen it before
And you oughta be warned
It's difficult now we've grown apart -
Different feet walk different paths
I'm not crying, it's the sun in my eyes
Clouds stretched out in a mackerel sky

Now you only call me up when you've got some bad trouble
And yes I still love you so I will come running
If and when I get a phone call from your friends
To say that you got drunk and you fell down again
I'll take one long look at your face in the dirt
And I'll slide my smile on by you so you don't get hurt
Anytime you need me I'll be there at the end
Don't I get no more than that from you girlfriend?


© Genevieve Maynard / Mushroom Music


genevieve maynard
vocals, programming

mary-anne cornford

brian cachia

cindy ryan
lead vocal production


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