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everytime she comes into the rhythm
you look at her like you've never seen her before
everytime you hear a knock
you automatically assume it's someone at your door everytime you climb a tree
you look at me to see if i'm looking at you
baby, you can look at me
go ahead, climb that tree, i ain't gonna catch ya

you can bring the boys and girls home to wreck your room
go ahead i can't stop you
you can chase your dog down the street
i hope its lead tangles in your feet and drops ya

everytime you call your friends
you look at me to see if i'm listening
everytime you turn around
you seen my face, who cares who you're kissing
everytime you fly a kite
you hope the wind might sweep you up there
baby, you can fly away
take the wind, take your friends, i don't care


© Genevieve Maynard / Mushroom Music



genevieve maynard
guitars, vocals

daniel denholm
piano, keyboards


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