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Crash And Burn

Where do you think I’m gonna put your stuff
Where do you think the room is in this house
You know every corner as well as i do
Do you think I’m the kind of girl who needs reminding
Of your unpleasant presence
Cracks beneath my feet are full of dust now

And you say you live and learn
And you say a lot about nothing at all
But I’ve seen you in action
Crash and burn
And you say that you can’t forget
And you say you’re not over it yet
But I’ve seen you in action
Crash and burn

Why does it always have to come to this
We argue over money
And the dog who lives in limbo
Well so do I
You know that I’m the kind of girl who takes precautions
And i’m resourceful not resentful
That’s the gap between you and I


© Genevieve Maynard / Mushroom Publishing


genevieve maynard
vocals, guitars, programming

richard anderson
bass and backing vocals


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