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Come By

Come by whenever you want
Come by whenever you want
I know you're taken with my imagination
I'll send my big black dog
To meet you at the station

I don't know but I think it's possible I love you
I don't know but I think I might have scared you off
When all I wanted to say was hey I really like you
Stay for a while cause I like your smile

I feel like I'm falling and all I can do is to hold on
I feel the time has come to take my heart in my hands and jump off
Blindly into space reaching out hoping I might touch your face


© Genevieve Maynard / Mushroom Music


genevieve maynard
vocals, guitars, programming

mary-anne cornford

brian cachia

cindy ryan
lead vocal production

Bloomers One recording

genevieve maynard
vocals, acoustic guitar

bowden campbell
electric guitar

pat hayes

stuart eadie

boris goudonof
production and engineering


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