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Blue Eyes

As far as I can see, as much as I can tell
Youíd do very well to look at my own view
You could always go, but if you should stay
Itíll be the blood on your mouth that gives you away

And the leaves would fall as you speak, hey
Thereís a devil in there, in your blue blue eyes
And that donít come as no surprise
The looks you give canít be disguised
Thereís a devil in there, in your blue blue eyes

As far as you can go, as much as you can have
Thereís a painful stab there to remind you
As much as you can know, as much as I canít stand
When I felt my hands around you
And if I should look and you could be found
You know that Iíd go dancing round you
And if I am there, and you should speak
Itíll be the words on your lips that leave me weak


© Genevieve Maynard / Mushroom Music †& Lea Cameron / Mushroom Music & Steve Campbell / Mushroom Music



lea cameron
vocals, guitar

genevieve maynard
bass, vocals

steve campbell

nick fisher



found on

Bardo - Bughouse
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