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Aurora Borealis

Well I feel that I've been
Out of touch lately
And time moves so fast these days
I'm staring out the window
At the park across the road
Trying to see the trees through the haze

But you shine like aurora borealis
Some call you northern light
You shine so bright as though tonight
Is your one and only night

I walked outside
With my face up to the rain
To feel it falling and falling again
They say that the very young feel no pain
But I'm not a child any more

I walked along the beach
Like I did as a child
In the endless blue summer holidays
With this ache inside
No peace of mind
Can come to me this way
Well I don't understand
Why I feel the way I do
But hey that's what makes me me
And you you
But I do know there's something
I would rather do
Walk the beach with you


© Genevieve Maynard / Control


genevieve maynard
vocals, guitars, programming

cindy ryan
backing vocals


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