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2005-07-21: Maynard goes organic for homegrown album

Illawarra Mercury
by Kilmeny Adie

Solo artist Genevieve Maynard enjoys hitting the road for a gig in Wollongong.
After all, the Oxford Taven is only a short trip from home and the comfort of her own bed in Western Sydney.
Tonight Maynard returns to the South Coast to perform on the back of her latest EP, Don't Come Morning, which was released earlier this month.
Maynard admits that the EP, which follows on from the success of her first solo effort Ghost Notes, has been a long time coming but puts that down to being an independent artist.
"I have been so busy at work there's no time to think," she says.
"It has been a bit of a slow process just getting it together and getting the artowrk done, but being independent you do everything yourself. It can be painfully slow at time."
However, Maynard says, the exhausting process does have its rewards and Don't Come Morning is completely her own record.
"What I do miss is the large record company resources like publicity, money and contacts," she says. "But at least I know my record is 100 percent what I want."
Now Maynard, who found fame as one of the members of the now-defunct Stella One Eleven, just wants to recoup her losses for recording the eight-track release.
She hopes there will be sufficient interest in her tour to cover the expenses of an album for which, to keep costs down, she even did her own artwork.
Don't Come Morning sees Maynard break away from her exploration of electric music to experiment with an acoustic feel.
The title track is about her mother's death after cancer and she has also covered the Australian pub rock classic Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again.
"At the various stages of history in bands I have done the odd cover and find it fascinating when an artist takes a song and reinterprets it," she says.
"I heard that one on the radio and thought 'That could be interesting'. I sat down and tried to work it on the guitar. This song is so different from its original, it's a case of the audience interpreting and bringing something different to it."
Maynard says the opportunity to return to acoustic music and experiment with the style had been a welcome one.
"The first two albums I put out, I explored an electronic direction on most tracks. I'm finding as much as the exploration of the electronic genre is interesting, I'm more interested in the organic," she says.
"It's nice to be able to go anywhere on it. I don't think music should be stagnant and artists should be encouraged to explore."

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