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2005-07-19: The Surprising Beauty of Sadness

The Drum Media
by Michael Smith

The art of songwriting is a passion that sees the essential beauty in any song that has been crafted with love, regardless of its delivery and however disparate, that can sometimes be to one's own musical muse. If the core of the song is real, that reality will shine through.

You don't get much better in terms of a truly insprired and insightful songwriter in this town that Genevieve Maynard, a women whose grasp of the craft has seen her create some of the most beautiful indie pop never to grace mainstream radio in the past decade or so; a fact that is more than amply displayed in the collection she has put together for her latest release, the EP, Don't Come Morning, whose title track is a revisit to a song from her Enter album. Which is why some might be surprised to see Genevieve include a version of Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again in the set.
"Pretty much ever band I've ever been in has always done unexpected covers, and they're a lot of fun to do. Part of it for me is when you figure out a song that you want to do, figuring out how far away from the original version you can take it and still make it work. Which goes back to my belief that a good song can be done in many different ways and still remain a pleasant experience.
"When I was wondering what I would do, I went through a whole bunch of records from the '80s like The Smiths and The Eurythmics and all the music I was listening to when I was a kid, and I had this anthology of Australian hits from 1970 to 1990 and thought it might be fun to do an Aussie tune and Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again was a stand out, and I did this open-tuning of it that left the "No Way Fuck You Fuck Off" genre and became this lament I guess."
Which, as it happens, the original Angels tune was a song written about a friend of the band's who had tragically committed suicide, something that Genevieve was unaware of.
"That's really interesting because Don't Come Morning was written about my mother dying and when I was doing this plaintive version of Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, it really seemed to fit the feeling of loss and loneliness that you experience when somebody that you love dies. Even if you're an atheist or don't believe in some kind of afterlife, you still can't help but wonder if they're still there. And in doing that song, it seemed to be giving the EP some sense of theme, dealing as it does with loss and separation and all that kind of thing. And I said earlier, I'm interested in exploring a slightly darker approach to Don't Come Morning, to see where the song could go."
Joining Genevieve in launching the Don't Come Morning EP are her band, bass player Richard Anderson, drummer Josh Schuberth and guitarist Bryce Jacobs.

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