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2003-03-13: Genevieve Maynard, Ghost Notes

Rip It Up
by Scott McLennan

While her work with Bughouse and Stella One Eleven has previously earned her plenty of acclaim across Australia, Genevieve Maynard is very much an individual who enjoys being in control.

Finally freed from the restraints of dependence on bandmates, Ghost Notes finds the talented Maynard taking the reins and relishing her personal role as vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, programmer, engineer and producer on her initial long player. Following on from the debut Genevieve Maynard Trio EP of last year, Ghost Notes finds a number of the EP?s five tracks being recalled to bolster and enliven proceedings.

The smooth vocals and layered guitar glories of Johnny Lee make a welcome return, while Steer Clear remains an agonising acoustic dissemination of relationship disintegration.

Stella One Eleven fans will be further motivated to investigate this release by the appearance of Stella compatriot Cindy Ryan on Ghost Notes. While Ryan?s soft voice add an innocent quality to songs such as Aurora Borealis, Maynard?s own vocal tones find her perfectly gliding from the mature pop of Texas through to the smoky reflections of Linda Perry.

Fiery offerings such as the dazzling Daze and radio-friendly Jackie In The Morning offer resistance to any attempts to box the Sydney musician into the old ?acoustic singer songwriter? box, although to overlook the stripped back skill of album highlight Bulletproof would be similarly scandalous. Though Maynard has taken on the challenge of integrating new technology into Ghost Notes, most tracks are generally exceptional due to the strength of the unrefined melodies that lie at their heart.

While Stella One Eleven is still very much a part of Maynard?s future (the new album will be released later this year), this finely honed collection of her solo material proves that her talents shouldn?t be taken lightly.

Genevieve Maynard launches Ghost Notes at the Governor Hindmarsh on Fri Mar 14 with Tamas Wells and Career Girls and at Exeter At Semaphore on Sat Mar 15.

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