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2003-02: For Your Consideration: Genevieve Maynard

by Jeff Apter

The debut album of this Sydneysider is a story of two home studios and more than a decade of diversions. Fortunately, the album, Ghost Notes, is an exceptional set of adult singer-songwriting that gleefully jumps genres, embracing lush power ballads, gritty rockers, ambient studio pieces and thoughtful acoustic noodling. "It's a fairly big mixture of styles," Maynard understates. The album's so strong, in fact, you have to wonder why she avoided the solo option for so long. In her early 30s, Maynard has been quietly leaving her mark on the Sydney music scene for over a decade. She first hitched her star to almost-made-its Bughouse from 1988 to 1995. She then joined the well-thought-of Stella One Eleven in 1998. She now lives in harmony with Cindy Ryan, that band's key singer-songwriter, in the house where much of Ghost Notes was recorded (part one of the record was pieced together in another inner-Sydney house). "When I'm not in emotional turmoil it's a tough place to write," Maynard figures. "It's crap being happy and trying to write songs."

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