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2003-02-26: Genevieve Maynard - Ghost In The Pen

by Sam Lee

Genevieve Maynard is a woman of faith, an artist wholly dedicated to the art of songwriting. You can hear the fruits of her labour most clearly on her debut solo record Ghost Notes, an album that?s received glowing reviews from Triple J radio and various national street press.

And while the response has been welcome, Maynard admits it?s a little overwhelming.

?It?s been fantastic,? she says. ?We?ve had such great reviews from all over the country and it?s been absolutely wonderful and mind blowing ? way more than I could have hoped for. I always temper reviews by saying that it?s just one person?s opinion, but it?s been really fantastic to get all these one person?s opinions saying they love it.?

Maynard toiled for several months over the recording but her intention wasn?t always to produce an album, but rather a set of EPs.

?The physical process of this began in May last year when I recorded the EP and four of the tracks from that made it onto the album. I did that because I felt that the EP didn?t get the exposure it should have and I wanted to give those songs another go. The original idea was to have two EPs instead of the album, but I decided it would be better to make an album.

?I think doing the album will give the songs more attention. Sadly when you put out an album you get way more attention than you do putting out an EP. I think when I put out the EP, people who knew of my involvement in Stella [One Eleven] thought ?Okay, well this is a side-project?, whereas the truth is that for me Stella is the side-project and this is what I do. So by putting out the album it was a way of saying, ?Well, this is what I do, this is for real, so listen to these songs and give them a go?.?

It?s so real in fact that Maynard has just embarked on the first leg of a five-week tour that encompasses five states and an abundance of venues.

?I?m really very excited about this tour,? she says, ? but at the same time I am anxious about it? being away from my friends and family for so long. It?s taken a great deal of effort to get everything organised.

?In my band both of the boys are multi-instrumentalists. Josh the drummer is playing a little guitar so that means we?ll be able to do some of the acoustic tracks as well.?

Genevieve Maynard plays Gollan Hotel, Lismore Thursday Feb 27; The Healer Friday Feb 28; National Hotel, Toowoomba Saturday Mar 1; and the Great Northern, Byron Bay Sunday Mar 2.

Ghost Notes out now through Wow Records/MGM.

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