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2002-12: Genevieve Maynard, Ghost Notes

The OzMusic Project
by Lucinda Gardiner

Ghost Notes is the long awaited solo album from Genevieve Maynard, guitarist from Stella One Eleven and bassist in Bughouse. Although she's played with these two well respected bands, there has never been a real opportunity for Maynard to have a vehicle of her own - Ghost Notes is that vehicle.

The album comes after the critically acclaimed EP "The Genevieve Maynard Trio" released in May 2002. Four of the tracks on Ghost Notes are taken from the EP which, if you own the EP dampens the second half of the album where the EP songs are all found. Yet to the unitiated the EP tracks - "Johnny Lee", "Mackeral Sky", "Fifteen Letters" and "Steer Clear" all work well in context to the other songs. "Fifteen Letters" is almost entirely electronic bar drums and Maynard's vocals.

The opening track on Ghost Notes is "Jackie In The Morning" - which is also the first song released off the album. This track is different to the other more melodic songs on Ghost Notes. Maynard almost growls the verses before hitting the soaring refrain "It's a shame that he would wake you up to make himself laugh".

The standout tracks on Ghost Notes are the more simple songs that Maynard (who also produced) has built up and layered. "Bulletproof" begins with a simple accoustic guitar and vocal, by the end of the song there is a sprawling mass of voices (provided by the Marrickville Spackfilla Choir and includes members of Stella One Eleven, Nitocris and The Shout Brothers). "Aurora Borealis" features Stella One Eleven vocalist Cindy Ryan but for a change it is Genevieve taking the lead vocals. This is the most stripped back song on Ghost Notes and stands out for that reason.

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