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2002-12: Ghost Notes - Genevieve Maynard

JB Hi-Fi

found online here

Back to basics is the theme for Genevieve Maynard's debut solo album (after all this time!), for it sounds remarkably like a stripped down version of what her first band Bughouse used to (and for those unsure of that sound, imagine a friendlier Concrete Blonde). Without trying to get my name struck off every door list in the country, this almost sounds TOO good for the crusty indie-rock bedwetting crowd that has been her core market: this tentatively has 'mainstream' success (say it quietly) written all over it in much the same way Kasey Chambers does - it is THAT good. What's importantly still the same as the old days is that beautiful voice: Stella One Eleven fans will fall deeply in love with this one, sho nuff.

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