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2002-12-19: Genevieve Maynard, Ghost Notes

Sydney Star Observer
by Stacy Farrar


Genevieve Maynard is no stranger to Sydney stages or studios, having built a reputation and loyal fan-base from her days with Stella One Eleven and Bughouse. This solo effort provides a great chance for Maynard to move to the centre of the stage and show off, and show off she does. The single Jackie In The Morning is an almost maddeningly catchy rock song, while Steer Clear is a country (or is that folk?) mile away ? but equally good. And everything else on Ghost Notes seems to fall neatly on the slightly middle road between the two. It?s great. Maynard could easily fall off the edge and into earnest-chick-rock mediocrity, but doesn?t ? she kind of keeps respectfully rocking even when the acoustic guitars come out. For which she deserves all of our eternal gratitude. The last thing the world needs is another half-arsed Joni slash Alanis.

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