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2002-12-13: Ghost Writer

The Courier Mail - Pulse
by Craig Spann

As guitarist/singer for Sydney pop rockers Stella One Eleven, Genevieve Maynard has always tinkered on the edge of the limelight.

But with Ghost Notes, her debut solo album, Maynard has stepped into a spotlight of her own, revealing one of this country's shining lights.

As far as debut albums go, it's hard to fault Ghost Notes. This collection of songs is as well written as it is performed and finds strength in its intimacy.

Maynard has a clear grip on the subtleties of her craft and while her voice has power to burn, she's never prone to over-the-top vocal acrobatics.

Opener Jackie in the Morning is a case-in-point with Maynard's sultry and restrained delivery sitting over, but never dominating, the deceptively hooky groove.

While many would be tempted to lump her in with the folk/pop crowd, Maynard draws from a much broader creative palette which makes Ghost Notes a delightfully diverse ride.

From the wafting blues of Johnny Lee to the sample-driven Fifteen Letters, Maynard never sits still long enough to be easily pigeonholed.

Listening to Ghost Notes, one gets the feeling Maynard is an artist with her feet firmly planted on the ground and plenty of ideas left in the tank.

In detail

Multi-tasking: Maynard engineered, produced and mixed most of the record, and played all the guitars, most of the bass and keyboards and programming.

Stella performances: Stella One Eleven frontwoman Cindy Ryan pops up on the record, singing back-up for a number of the tracks. Other guests include former Falling Joys and Stella bassist Pat Hayes.

Button tweaking: Maynard helped co-produce an album for former Clouds member Jodi Phillis and has recently finished work on the new Bernie Hayes record.

What next?: 2003 is shaping up as a big year with a five-week national tour in February, followed by the mid-year release of the new Stella One Eleven record.

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