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2002-12-05: Genevieve Maynard Interview

Australian Music.Info
by Kath

Genevieve Maynard's bio claims she is "not the next big thing?far too good for that nonsense".

Kath agrees.

Genevieve Maynard (Stella One Eleven, Bughouse) has just released her debut solo CD entitled 'Ghost Notes.' It has been a long time coming. Genevieve explains.

"I started writing songs before I got involved with Stella One Eleven. The oldest songs on the album would be seven years old but there are also a couple of new ones?.the physical recording of it, I recorded four of the tracks in February this year when I recorded my EP and the original plan was to put out two EP's this year and then do an album next year and I thought I might be better off making two EP's into an album."

The CD is very diverse and hard to categorize. An interesting song is a track called 'Catalyst' which has record scratches throughout the song which is apparently from a loop and harks back to the days of humble vinyl in all it's scratchy glory .

The album has acoustic-based songs and electric songs, loops and samples which does make it hard to put into a box.

"That was one of my concerns about doing another EP. I felt that the material off the first EP was very diverse and I don't know if people were confused about the direction it was taking but I thought over the course of an album the united thread might become more apparent?"

There were about 30 songs that did not make the album but fans needn't worry as Genevieve plans another release for the ones left out.

"It was a process of trying to figure out what to use on this album and what to do on the next album and because I'm so busy with Stella as well as my stuff it leaves me pretty limited time in which to write so I'm glad I've got a backlog as well as new tunes because I think the pressure of trying to write a whole new album over the next two years would be a bit harsh so I'm kinda lucky I've got the next album 70 percent written already!"

Genevieve 's solo venture is a chance for her to do what she wants, without the restrictions of being in a band.

"For me it was about wanting to do my stuff on my terms the way that I heard it, having had years of being in bands and compromising?I wanted to be totally selfish and say 'No, this is the way I wanna do it'. I just felt if I got to be Seventy and looked back on my life and thought I'd never done that, I'm going to be bitter so I wanted to have a go and see what would happen."

Genevieve wears many hats and has not only sung, written and played many of the instruments on the CD she also produced and engineered it. She has previous producing experience having worked on Jodi Phyllis' CD last year. Producing is something she would like to continue doing but her solo stuff and work with Stella One Eleven is the main focus at the moment.

She considers herself a prolific writer when she has the time but touring isn't the best time to be penning a tune!

"Life on the road isn't very conducive to writing, you're never really alone and you don't have a moment where you're bored 'cause you're always going jeez I'm hungover, jeez I'm tired, god I'm sick of the tarago, god I hate this hotel room, when are we getting to do the show, all that kinda stuff!"

Genevieve's upcoming shows will be intimate solo acoustic performances as she has not been able to put a band together with the busy year she has had. The solo performances had a lot of work put into them as some of the songs were written backwards as they were programmed first so she had to re-learn the songs and create chords, an experience she said she really enjoyed.

She will be touring with a band next year through Feb/March.

Genevieve is also a chef and her website contains a cookbook section and has some excellent recipes for something entirely different in a website!

Check it out at - www.genevievemaynard.com

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