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  1. By The Water
  2. Don't Come Morning
  3. Dry
  4. Rosie
  5. Take It On
  6. The God Song
  7. Pillar of Salt
  8. Cellophane
  9. The Bottle
  10. Crash and Burn
  11. Crush

Released: 2004-08-02
Label: WOW Records
Distribution: MGM

Cat No: WOW003

Chart Info: no chart info at this stage


Genevieve Maynard
vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming

Dave Aston
drums: by the water, cellophane, the bottle

John Schuberth
drums: cellophane, don't come morning, take it on, the god song

Richard Anderson
bass: crash and burn
backing vocals: cellophane, crash and burn, don't come morning, the bottle

Anneke Irik
cello: don't come morning

Jess Ciampa
percussion: pillar of salt, the god song

Milica Stefanovic
bass: rosie

Cindy Ryan
backing vocals: the bottle

Suzi Goodwin
backing vocals: the bottle

Teethsy Pathgirl
backing vocals: the bottle

liner notes

from booklet:
many, many thanks and much love are due to cindy ryan, anthony and mona nicolas.
and to everyone who worked on the album with me -
josh, dave, jason, anneke, jess, richie, milica, cindy, sue and teefy.pathgirl -
your input has been incredible - thank you all so much!
and to barb and pat for the offers of help,
and to the master masterer don bartley and the 301 crew.

from jacket:
a huge thankyou to peter bayliss
whose hard work is just beginning,
and to the wonderful penny mcdowell who booked my gigs for two hard years.
and to rina ferris@ferrisdaviesprm and to lela kaunitz who designs and runs my website.
to my wonderful live band - josh and richie - you boys are the best.
dave springer for giving good sound. to david rudder@expresso, rob joseph and carla mico for the fun day making the video, and to ford miles for the backdrops.
to mary-ann cornford for bass arrangement ideas in 'take it on'.
to dave orwell both for the legals and for the loan of his beautiful guitars.
and to julia richardson, kath wemyss and mikey filewood for lending their beautiful guitars.
and huge thanks to jason blackwell for the gear. and to glen@haven productions too.
to jo chichester and richard glover. to all the radio stations.
to cath muscat for the photos and to scott@artstatedesign.
to all at mushroom publishing and mgm. and to janet matheson for a wonderful lunch.
and to mitch wood for keeping my gear going. and many thanks to maton guitars

to my family and friends who have kept me sane - cindy for the reality checks,
amm for being down to earth,
pdb for instilling in me the belief that i can do anything if i put my mind to it,
dad for the love of music,
patti and the ex-stepfamily for coming to gigs, to kath, julia and bernie, ford, em, elisa,
to the stellas,
a big shout out to cherrybimmers and to gerry for trying to keep me cashed up.
to bill pullman and china mieville for keeping me company in the small, small hours.
and to all the people who have come to shows
or bought the albums -
without you i am a chef

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