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Genevieve Maynard

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  1. Jackie In The Morning
  2. Messiah
  3. Aurora Borealis
  4. Trouble
  5. Bulletproof
  6. Daze
  7. Fifteen Letters
  8. Johnny Lee
  9. Mackerel Sky
  10. Catalyst

Released: 2002-11-11
Label: WOW Records
Distribution: MGM

Cat No: WOW002

Chart Info: AIR Independent Label/Independent Distributor: Highest placing #4 on on December 5th, 2002.
AIR Independent Label/Any Distributor: Highest placing #7 on January 7th, 2002.


Genevieve Maynard
vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming

Dave Aston
drums: bulletproof, jackie in the morning, daze, messiah, trouble

Brian Cachia
drums: johnny lee, mackeral sky, fifteen letters
electric guitar: steer clear

Mary-Anne Cornford
bass: johnny lee, mackeral sky, steer clear

Matthew Goulbourn
outro guitar: bulletproof
hofner bass: jackie in the morning

Cindy Ryan:
backing vocals: aurora borealis
lead vocal production: fifteen letters, mackeral sky, johnny lee and steer clear

The Marrickvilla Spackfilla Choir
appear on bulletproof
Cindy Ryan, Suzi Goodwin, Jess Finlayson, Jill Adams, Bernie Hayes, Pat Hayes

liner notes


cindy ryan, my family and friends for their love and support, anthony and mona nicolas, dave aston and snag, bri for drum ideas, milica stephanovic for the tour and for contributing to the bass arrangement in jackie, jason, the choir, penny macdowell, julia richardson, lela kaunitz, scott james smith, don, mushroom publishing, glen @ haven productions, mez, john and joanne nicolas and family for allowing us to turn their garage into a film set.

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