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Genevieve Maynard

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The Genevieve Maynard Trio




  1. Johnny Lee
  2. Steer Clear
  3. Mackerel Sky
  4. Fifteen Letters
  5. Come By

Released: 2002-05-06
Label: WOW Records
Distribution: MGM

Cat No: WOW001

Chart Info: AIR Independent Label/Independent Distributor: Highest placing #4 on on July 18th, 2002.


Genevieve Maynard
vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming

Brian Cachia
drums: johnny lee, mackeral sky, fifteen letters, come by
electric guitar: steer clear

Mary-Anne Cornford
bass: johnny lee, mackeral sky, steer clear, come by

Cindy Ryan:
lead vocal production: johnny lee, steer clear, mackeral sky, fifteen letters and come by

liner notes

cindy ryan, jan and peter bradley, anthony and mona nicholas. bri and mez. jason. dave aston, bowden campbell and pat hayes. penny macdowel. anthony and carl maynard. ford miles. jacqui dennis. david and mary-anne @ D&M. don. lela. glen @ haven productions, richard @ studio fx and dave @ milkbar for the gear.

to all of you who have kept me going with love, friendship and money (or offers of it!) - thank you!

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